About the CoE Undergraduate Office of the Registrar

The Undergraduate Office of the Registrar, within the College of Engineering, loves to serve students, staff and faculty alike. It’s what we love to do, it’s who we are. Our goal is to create a student experience that is simple, easily navigated, creative and robust. Our nimble unit loves to collaborate with students to find innovative solutions, but still allow the student to take responsibility for their learning and pursuit of opportunities tailored to their interests.

The registrar staff manages responsibilities that begin shortly after undergraduate students arrive at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, and continue long after their departure. Our office, however, is different than the University Office of the Registrar. Please view the table below to identify the best office to contact for your needs.

The staff also handles your CoE classroom scheduling needs. For more information about reserving classrooms on North Campus, please click here


College of Engineering Undergraduate Office of the Registrar

University Office of the Registrar

CoE Degree Verifications **pre-graduation

Degree Verifications **post-graduation

CoE Final Degree Audits Enrollment Certification

CoE MOEP/ROTC and Athletic Certification Processing

Registration Appointments
CoE Grade Changes, Term Withdrawals and Term Disenrollments Order Transcripts
CoE Add/Drop/Edit/Swap Form Approvals Order Diplomas
CoE Academic Calendar Tuition and Fees Inquiries
CoE Drop/Edit/Swap Deadlines Name changes or corrections
CoE Graduation Application Deadlines Residency Determination
CoE Section of the University Commencement Program Guest Applications
CoE Commencement Program Exceptions to the university commencement ceremony policy
CoE Curriculum Committee Support Understanding Wolverine Access Error Messages
Cross-Campus Transfer From CoE Cross-Campus Transfer to CoE
CoE Bulletin  


Please note that we are the Undergraduate Office of the Registrar for the College of Engineering. If you have Graduate issues or questions, please contact your department’s graduate coordinators after finding them here.


Also, if you wish to contact them, the University Office of the Registrar has a satellite office on North Campus. It is located in the lower level of Pierpont Commons, room B430 and is open 12:30-5 pm daily. The phone number is (734) 763-7650.