Academic Rules

The following is a list of links to the Academic Rules Section of the College of Engineering Bulletin.


General Standards of Conduct for Engineering Students 

Honor Code (refer to the SSC and Office of Student Support and Accountability)

Applications of the Honor Code

The Honor Code Process

Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities:

Student Rights

Student Responsibilities

Registration, Grades and Policies

Registration (Official Enrollment)

Class Standing

Indebtedness to the University

Half Term Courses During Fall or Winter Terms (2 credits)

Add/Drop/Edit (Modify) & Course Withdrawals

Add/Drop/Edit (Modify) Policy (Change of Elections)

Course Withdrawals

Pass/Fail Information

Elective Pass/Fail Basis

Courses Offered on a Mandatory Pass/Fail Basis

Academic Definitions



Course Offerings

Credit Hour

Work Load

Attendance and Absences


Transfer Credit Information: Homepage and Bulletin

Transfer Credit for Enrolled Students (Transfer Credit Approval Form)

Transfer Credit for International Programs

Declaring (or Changing) a Major

Transfers and Withdrawals, Readmission

Transferring Out

Term Withdrawals


C- and D Grades

E Grades


Other Irregularities

Repeating Courses

Grade Point Averages

Honor Point Deficit Calculator

Academic Honors and Awards

Grievances Procedures

Student Grievances

Scholastic Standing Committee: Homepage and Bulletin

Standards Governing Scholastic Standing for Unsatisfactory Performance


Enrollment Withheld

Mandatory Leave


Degree Requirements

Requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree

Time Requirement

Requirements for an Additional Bachelor’s Degree


Diploma and Commencement