Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee Composition:

  • one faculty member representing each department in the College (with the exception of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science which will have one faculty representative for Electrical Engineering and one faculty representative for Computer Engineering)
  • two representatives from the Dean’s staff, and
  • two student representatives.


The Dean will appoint the two representatives from the Dean’s staff to serve with vote and two representatives of the student body to serve with vote. The faculty members representing their departments on the Committee will be selected by their respective departments and will serve with vote. The Committee from the departmental representatives on the Committee shall select the Chair annually. Faculty members of the Committee elected under the prior version of these rules will serve as the representatives of their departments until the end of their elected terms.


The Curriculum Committee shall examine all educational programs of the College, graduate and undergraduate, and all proposed changes, and encourage full discussion of the proposals by the members before they take action. The Committee, moreover, shall initiate changes by asking departments to reexamine their programs or specific course offerings. Program Committees shall administer by the departments or the degree programs. The Curriculum Committee advises, suggests, coordinates, stimulates, and in general acts for the best interest of the College. Its recommendations regarding changes in programs, college-wide curriculum requirements, and changes in classes used in the program requirements of more than one department shall be brought before the faculty for approval. The Committee will have the authority to approve by a 2/3 vote all other curriculum-related change without a vote of the faculty.