25Live Scheduling Resources

25Live has replaced the M-Pathways event scheduling system. 25Live is a North Campus wide, web based, class and event scheduling software that unites all users on a single database but it does much, much more!

Only authorized department and unit schedulers may obtain and utilize logins to submit room requests. Students who would like to reserve a room must have their registered organization’s contact submit the request on their behalf.

Below are some resources to assist you with your room scheduling needs:

Audio Visual All Audio Visual requests must be arranged by the event requestor through the Duderstadt Checkout: http://www.dc.umich.edu/Duderstadt-checkout Additional time should be added to your request for events requiring set-up/tear down. Please make sure to reserve the extra time to ensure the room will be open during the times needed to prepare for your event. If you have any questions they can be reached at Duderstadt-Checkout@umich.edu or 734-647-5747.
Catering All food requests or catering needs (which include snacks, meals, drinks, table clothes, etc.) must be arranged by the event requestor through the University approved vendors: https://procurement.umich.edu/suppliers/michigan-catering/ All approved vendors accept short codes.
Setup All set-up/tear down requests must be arranged by the event requestor through CoE Facilities. Additional time should be added to your request for events requiring set-up/tear down time. Please include this extra time in your reservation to ensure the room will be open during the time CoE Facilities needs to complete your set-up. If you have any questions they can be reached at FO-Service-Center@umich.edu or 734-647-2059.


Am I responsible for cleaning up the room after my event?
Yes! All rooms must be returned to their original state. If you have rearranged the room to accommodate a specific set-up for your event make sure you move the tables and chairs back the way you found them. Tabletops must be cleaned off after events in which food was served and garbage should be properly discarded. Having nice rooms to hold meetings in is a privilege we should all respect.

Should I submit class schedules through 25Live?
No! You will continue to enter your schedules through M-Pathways as done in the past. The only time you would have to make a request through 25Live for a class, is if they need a different space during the semester (e.g. final exams and/or midterms).

COVID – 19

Indoor mask policy
Effective March 14, 2022, masking will be optional in most indoor spaces on campus including in office, residence halls and at athletic events. More information can be found here.

Reservation Shortcuts and Tips

  • You can reserve multiple rooms in the same reservation with different time frames. For example, you can request Beyster 1670 from 2pm – 4pm on Wednesday and Beyster 1690 from 6pm – 8pm all within the same reservation. Please do not submit a separate request for each room.
  • You can also reserve multiple dates in the same reservation. You can have the event repeat daily, weekly, or on ad hoc dates of your choice.
  • To add set-up and tear down time, please check the box(es) provided. This is necessary if you are hosting an event receiving assistance from Facilities, Catering, or Audio Visual Services.

There are several spaces on campus that need to go through a multiple step approval process before your event can be confirmed. Make sure you submit requests for these spaces as far in advance as possible. Those rooms are:

Beyster Atrium and conference rooms – Bob and Betty Beyster Building Contact: Brian Rice at brrice@umich.edu
CAEN Labs Contact: CAEN@umich.edu
Chrysler 151 – Chrysler Center Contact: NexusDesign@umich.edu
Chrysler 165 – Chrysler Center Contact: NexusDesign@umich.edu
FXB Atrium – Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Building Contact: AERO Dept. at aeroscheduling@umich.edu
GGBL Atrium – George G. Brown Laboratories Contact: MECH Dept.
LBME Atrium – Ann and Robert H. Lurie Biomedical Engineering Building Contact: BME Dept.
Stamps Auditorium – Walgreen Drama Center Contact: enginscheduling@umich.edu

For additional questions, please contact enginscheduling@umich.edu

Rental Fees for Non-CoE Affiliation

If you are not affiliated with the College of Engineering (outside groups, departments, etc.), below are the fees to rent classroom and non-classroom spaces on North Campus. You will not have access to 25Live, so please email enginscheduling@umich.edu for assistance.

1 – 29 $45 $85
30 – 49 $70 $135
50 – 99 $100 $200
100- 150 $125 $250
150 + $170 $340
FXB Atrium $340 $590
EECS Atrium $340 $590