Course Scheduling Project

What is included in this phase of the project for Fall 2020…

Implementing software to:

  • Support event scheduling (non-class scheduling) in College Classrooms
  • Create classroom assignments based on the software algorithm
  • Generate data analytics reports to assist with decision making, and charge a faculty committee(s) for:
    • Software configuration and support
    • How the software algorithm is implemented
    • How the arbitration process should be handled
  • Utilize data and analytics from the software to make recommendations to College administration about policy changes that will ease scheduling

What is NOT part of this phase of the project:

  • Shifting class times (Class times are still set by department) 
  • Creating consistent time and meeting patterns across all of the classrooms
  • Expanding classes to evenings and weekends

For updates regarding the scheduling project, refer to: (U-M login required)

Also, please feel free to send feedback or questions to: