Creating a New Course

The proposal for a new course should contain justification for the establishment of and an assessment of the course’s likelihood of success.

  1. it is encouraged that the proposed new course be first prototyped before complete documentation is submitted to the CoE Curriculum Committee for their action.
  2. documentation for submission of a new course will consist of:
  3. completed CAF (including appropriate signatures)
  4. course outline, with details to show weekly subject matter
  5. required/recommended texts/course packs, grading and exam details
  6. documentation that needs to accompany undergraduate CAF are as follows:
  7. courses that are requirements or technical electives that will be selected from a list of courses or technical electives at the 400-level or lower that are required for the degree:
  8. ABET documentation (e.g., Step II, Outcomes and Assessments, Program Mapping)
  9. Sample Schedule as it is to appear in the Bulletin
  10. supporting documentation should be as complete as possible. In the case of a CAF that was partially approved at an earlier CoE Curriculum Committee meeting, the earlier meeting date should be referenced in the current documentation.